Learn how to heal your heart, your patterns and your life

I invite you to come home to yourself, to see and understand your struggles, with kindness, self-forgiveness and grace.

This summer and fall, there are 5- and 6-day retreats on Self-Compassion in Germany.

I encourage you to take advantage of these special events.


You will find a depth and gentleness of heart toward yourself, and toward others you can’t even imagine right now.

After participating in a 3-day self-compassion seminar in Ireland this May, Miriam O’Connor offered her evaluation as a way to encourage folks to connect with this course:

Meditation alone isn’t enough

Miriam writes: “I find having a daily contemplative practice very supportive.  However, I have been struggling with my meditation for almost a year, because I’m not being open to my own suffering, and I haven’t learned how to give myself compassion. . .  

You’ve been ignoring your wounded heart

“. . . For as long as I can remember, I have been running away and closing down on my suffering. I have been ignoring my wounded heart. . .

You can acknowledge your suffering with kindness

“. . . Now I want to acknowledge my suffering with kindness, so I can hold it spaciously and without judgment. I want to bring my crippled heart to my meditation, and place it under God’s compassionate gaze and healing love. . .

You can learn to forgive yourself

“. . . I want to forgive myself for my habit of judging and rejecting myself, realising I can now slowly and surely try something new. I can come back to the present moment to my body, in this room, and acknowledge my suffering. . .

And come home to yourself gently

“. . . It’s tough. But now I know how to practice self-compassion, how to witness, and receive; how to come home to myself gently, and with some humour.”

There’s so more opportunity and space to explore, and heal, and release, in a longer retreat.

Consider signing up for one of these retreats – or weekends – and learn how to lighten up your life.

It would be an honor to meet you there!

Christine Longaker

Upcoming retreats

June 30 – July 1                         Munich

July 31 eve – August 5 mid-day   Kamalashila Institute, Langenfeld

October 1 – 6                             Sukhavati, Bad Sarrow

December 1 – 2                          Dusseldorf

When you realise the depth and fullness of your love of yourself,

you know that every living being and

the entire universe are included in your affection.

— Nisargadatta



Text and photo ©2018 Christine Longaker.  All rights reserved.

Christine Longaker

Hospice and spiritual care pioneer and author of "Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying," Christine Longaker is writing a book on Self-Compassion, and developing trainings and an online course based on the book.

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