Testimonials from participants in Self-Compassion retreats

In their own words:

“On my journey to be more compassionate to myself and others, this was surely a very important retreat. In contrast to other retreats I have attended, this one really required me to actually work with myself and look at my life more deeply and honestly. That is why I found it to be so transformative.”    — Chris

“This seminar has opened my eyes to listen to myself, to accept my mistakes and have compassion for myself. You snatched me from the mouth of the lion, because due to lack of compassion for myself I started becoming mean to others.”   — Roger

“I attended the first Self Compassion retreat earlier this year and found it amazing, even though at the time I had a lot of resistance. Only when I returned to the second retreat, and started reflecting on the last six months, did I see how many positive changes I had made. I cannot recommend this retreat enough. It is remarkable how Christine is able to guide us through so many powerful sessions, and give the gifts and tools that I hope I will always carry with me. I would recommend this retreat for anyone who wants to enjoy life a little more.”       —Rebecca

“I now try to forgive my body for ageing rather than criticizing it.”   —Maggie

“I found the course a great experience of forgiveness, both of myself and others.The Heart Practice and Forgiveness Practice were especially moving. It is now over two weeks since the end of the course, but I am still experiencing the lightness of heart I found during the seminar.”    —Michael                 

“During the course, I realized that the people in my life I feel closest to, or who I seek a connection with, are those who are true to themselves and forgiving of their own faults and the faults of others. These are the people I seek out, and yet I find it hard to be as forgiving of myself as they are. Because I am hard on myself, I can be demanding of others, and ultimately prevent the relationships that I most want.”  —Claire

“Learning compassionate listening and using it in different settings was both scary and nurturing. It helped me experience myself as someone able to really feel compassion toward another person, as well as feeling truly heard while receiving compassion from another. It was also inspiring to see how everybody connected and opened up over time.”     —Yve


“I had an incredibly insightful retreat and faced a few hard truths of how I was treating myself.  You really helped show me some ways to heal the wounds and gently let down the barriers I had created for protection, but that no longer serve me.”   —Jean