“The exercise of compassionate listening in small groups made the greatest impression – it was so amazing

– something I will never forget.

It opened my heart completely.”

Seminars & Trainings in Self-Compassion

Christine Longaker leads seminars, retreats, and longer trainings with a dynamic mixture of warmth, sincerity, humor, and professionalism.

You can request a list of objectives and an evaluation form useful for accrediting courses.

NOTE: In 2018 only, Christine is available for a maximum of 40 hours teaching per month.

Self-Compassion Retreats

Christine is available to give 5- and 6-day retreats on Self-Compassion, which is her favorite form of presenting this material. In-depth retreats include presentations, guided meditations, individual and group exercises, and compassionate listening in groups. Retreats for up to 50 participants need to be booked well in advance. 

Speaking Engagements and Keynote Talks on Self-Compassion

With many years of experience offering keynote talks in major conferences in the US and Europe, Christine is available to offer conference talks on one of the themes connected with Self-Compassion.

Suggested titles

Self-Compassion: The Journey to Courage, Love, and Connection

Easing Difficulties with Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion and Resilience

Kindness and Self-Compassion

Healing Relationships with Self-Compassion

Courage, Love and Connection: Self-compassion for caregivers

Healing Grief with Self-Compassion

Communicating details for new requests

Write to this email: events@christinelongaker.com, and please include the following information:

Name of sponsoring organization

Responsible contact person, with phone number and e-mail

Date and location of proposed event

Type of event and length

Suggested title or theme

Type of audience & expected number of participants

Any other relevant information

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