“Self-Compassion: A Heroic Journey”

In Christine Longaker’s forthcoming book, Self-Compassion: A Heroic Journey, she shares the clear insights that formed her understanding of self-compassion, and presents meditations for freeing the heart from its dungeon of self-punishment and exile, which reconnects us with essence love, an innate ease and kindness that we were born with.

Self-Compassion: A Heroic Journey weaves together a treasury of insights drawn from spiritual traditions with the latest research findings on the sources of self-critical patterns, and how it’s possible to re-wire our brain and nervous system. And Longaker introduces skillful methods for developing genuine understanding and kindness toward ourselves.

Rich with a variety of meditations, the online course and book titled Self-Compassion: A Heroic Journey can help you discover your inherent capacity for self-forgiveness, inner healing, receiving love, and developing compassion for your body. Engaging with these practices on cognitive, emotional, and somatic levels helps you release old burdens so you can savor life with more ease, connection, and joy.

Christine does not pretend to be an expert. Her credentials are years of being self-critical and silently suffering with feeling unworthy and unredeemable, and forgiveness-challenged. This is a courageous journey of healing that Christine enters with the reader, because if it’s going to be authentic, it must be a lived experience. She explores and questions, searching out authentic sources of wisdom and compassion from traditional sources, and translates these into insights and healing modalities that are accessible to everyone.

Christine has suffered great losses, chronic illness, and inner and outer turmoil that readers may resonate with. Combined with her decades of spiritual training and skill in translating ancient sources of wisdom for a Western audience, she brings unique insights and powerful methods to the work.

Self-Compassion: A Heroic Journey will be an inspiring and practical guide for inner development and healing that’s designed to be used individually or with study groups.

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“Even while the book on self-compassion is being written, I would like to begin sharing reflections, inspiring quotes, and healing insights with you, so that together we can clear the debris in our hearts and come back to the essence love we were born with.”