Whether you are a newcomer to the world of meditation or a studied practitioner, Christine Longaker makes it possible for you to flesh out understandings that will make your practice more productive and meaningful.

Participating in her penetrating and moving group meditations has shown me not only the richness of her knowledge, but also the gentle ways humans can enfold and resolve longstanding personal struggles within a meditative life. Her sensitivity in helping me discover deeper layers of empathy, love, and compassion for myself and others is what all meditators seek and ultimately what our world needs. Above all, Christine Longer is a sensitive, caring individual, who knows the path we must follow. Her guidance is golden.

     —Donald Pfau, Retired school administrator and Hospice director

The Healing Power of  Connection, Joy and Compassion

Die heilende Kraft von Mitgefühl, Verbundenheit und Freude

An online retreat with Christine Longaker – Weekend-friendly

4. – 6. February    Munich, Germany, in English with German translation

11 – 13 March     Dzogchen Beara, Ireland

With insight, compassion and understanding you can dismantle the negative patterns and false beliefs that have been stifling the sense of aliveness and joy. Learn strengths that help you heal suffering with insight and compassion, and experience powerful meditations that change the way you feel in your body, heart and mind.

Cultivate genuine understanding and compassion for your own life, then naturally you feel real kindness and compassion for others. This retreat is your chance to begin the journey toward an “unshakable freedom of heart”.

Seminar topics:

  • Recognizing and dismantling the barriers to love
  • Developing unconditional acceptance of yourself
  • The power of presence and compassion to heal suffering
  • Research on the physiological effects of meditating on love
  • The secrets for building well-being and resilience
  • Connecting with others ‘heart-to-heart’
  • Cultivating appreciation and gratitude to open your heart
  • Meditations that re-awaken essence love, the natural sense of feeling loved you were born with


4. – 6. February    Munich   English with German translation

online retreatwith a weekend-friendly schedule
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Munich contact:  event@rigpa.de     Tel. +49 (0)30.23 25 50 10

11 – 13 March     Dzogchen Beara, Ireland, weekend-friendly
Read more here.
Dzogchen Beara : info@dzogchenbeara.org    Tel.: +353 27 73032

Discover Gratefulness & Joy  14-day Challenge

Starting Sunday Feb. 13- Feb. 27th.

Read more here.

Open Guided Meditations – every Sunday

Time: 11am – 12 noon Pacific; 2 – 3pm Eastern; 19. – 20. GMT; 20. – 21. CET

I’ve been thinking a lot these days of what Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote after 9/11:

               “Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times.”

That’s my motivation for offering these online meditations.

If you want receive the zoom link for Sunday meditations with Christine Longaker and receive free guided meditations to download, please write:

connect@christinelongaker.com, or sign up to the newsletter here.

“May everyone have a peaceful heart and mind

    and grow in responsible and tender kindness

   during these uncertain times.

May we know our true refuge, and

   be a light shining the way for others.”

                -Christine Longaker


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