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If you are inspired and able, appreciating my free offerings – it’s wonderful if you can offer a donation. 

With many facing financial stress during these times, whatever you can offer is deeply appreciated.

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EUROPEAN Credit card

Euros Paypal: select “FAMILY & FRIENDS” *   And please note: “Gift” or “donation”

NOTE: US Dollar paypal link is below

Bank Transfer for Euros & other denominations:

Write for information:


US Dollar credit card   

US $ PAYPAL: select “family & friends” Please note: “Gift” or “donation”

Online banking US accounts – no fees 

When you’re online at your bank’s website – go to “Pay Bills” and click “Payment using Zelle”.  There are no fees; it’s simple and automatic!

Just put in the amount you want to donate, and credit it to my Zelle account, which is: *Please note: “Gift” or “donation”

Address to send a US $ check

Christine Longaker

10013 NE Hazel Dell Ave #238

Vancouver  WA 98685






Photo ©2018. Christine Longaker

Photo © 2018 Christine Longaker

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