“If you change your feelings,

it will change your life.”

     Open and free your heart with these guided self-compassion meditations that promote healing, acceptance and self-forgiveness. Christine Longaker is a hospice pioneer with forty years’ experience teaching palliative care, mindfulness, and compassion throughout the world. Her heartfelt narration gently eases stress, anxiety, self-blame and sorrow.

         Christine guides you to feel worthy of love, extend compassion to yourself, befriend your emotions and experience the ease of mind that comes from forgiving yourself. She has created a program that effectively helps listeners experience deep relaxation; these are short guided meditations that enhance well-being and joy. Compassion and kindness for your own struggles naturally flows into compassion for others. Feel refreshed and lighter, re-connected with your heart and with those around you.

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Track List

1    Clarifying Phrases in the CD

2    Finding Breathing Space Introduction

3    Finding Breathing Space

4    Establish a Noble Intention Introduction

5    Establish a Noble Intention for Yourself

6    Establish a Noble Intention for Others            

7   Feeling Worthy of Love Introduction

8   Feeling Worthy of Love

9    Being Present in the Heart Introduction

10  Being Present in the Heart                             

11  Connection and Love Introduction

12  Connection and Love

13  Gratitude for Your Body Introduction

14  Gratitude for Your Body

15  Cultivating Compassion Introduction

16  Cultivating Compassion

17  Self-Forgiveness Introduction

18  Self-Forgiveness

19  Tender-hearted Awareness Introduction

20  Tender-hearted Awareness

21  Heart Practice for Suffering Introduction                  

22  Heart Practice for Suffering

23  Forgiveness Introduction

24  Forgiveness

25  Forgiveness Conclusion

26  Walking with Your Emotions Introduction

27  Walking with Your Emotions