Imagine. . .

feeling worthy of love

in 7 days.

NOTE: There is no Worthy of Love Challenge happening right now.

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Join the 7-day Challenge  . . .

because you deserve more ease and joy in your life.

Why do we enter a 7-day challenge?

Because when we want to make a change, the encouragement and heartfelt support of others helps us. It’s a team effort!

What’s this challenge about?

This self-love challenge helps us let go of the haunting sense that we don’t deserve love.

Our feeling is not true; everyone deserves love, no matter what.

But we’ve been telling ourselves we aren’t worthy of love for so long we believe it, and so it feels very real.

This is a free course, delivered to your email each day for 7 days. During the challenge, you’ll listen to the free guided meditation “Feeling Worthy of Love” once or twice a day. You’ll gradually notice a change in your feeling and in your life.

Why? Because listening to the meditation replaces the feelings of unworthiness with a confidence you are loved. And this naturally brings you more ease and joy. When you feel well in yourself, you can connect in a more grounded and caring way in your relationships.

What is the “Feeling Worthy of Love” meditation?

“Feeling worthy of love” is an eleven-minute contemplation you can download for free and listen to at least twice a day. 

In the contemplation, you’ll imagine a loving warmth coming from the earth into your feet and your whole body. This warmth starts filling you with love and the messages that you are worthy of love, and that you are okay.

You can adapt the meditation to do it in a shorter way, and you can listen to it while you’re walking or lying down.

If you want to feel a change, it’s important to keep doing the meditation!

Read more about the meditation here.

Flow of the 7-day Worthy of Love Challenge

NOTE: I’m sorry but there is no Worthy of Love Challenge happening right now.

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FIRST and foremost: sign up! You’ll get an immediate confirmation email. THEN . . .

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  2. The Commitment and Guidelines for the 7-day Self-Love challenge.

  3. The Daily Insights and Feedback Form.

Starting July 16th, for 7 days, please do your best to listen to the guided meditation twice a day.

I’ll invite you to “make it real” by staying aware of one aspect of the meditation during everything you do, so you can notice if you experience anything different as you go through your day.

        Read below: How do I “make it real”?

In your inbox, you’ll get a daily inspirational email from me about how to understand the meditation and use it in a variety of ways.

You can keep track of any big or small differences you’re noticing in the Daily Insights Form.

You’ll get a link to a private page where you can share with other folks taking the Challenge about your experience of the “Feeling Worthy of Love” meditation. You can share your questions too.

If you prefer, you can email your insights or questions directly to me: 


How do I “make it real”?

It doesn’t matter how full your day is:

You’re really, really free in your mind, and

Your mind has a lot of power!

Just after finishing a meditation, consider the rest of your day: perhaps making breakfast, chatting with your family, driving to work, walking down a hallway, talking on the phone, sitting in a meeting with colleagues, or relaxing after dinner.

Imagine that you are remembering one aspect of the meditation in all these activities, perhaps silently repeating: “I am worthy of love, I’m okay”; or feeling a loving warmth coming into your body.

As you enter your day, challenge yourself to continue making the feeling real as often as you can. This is what’s going to bring about the change you’ve been longing for.

It’s gradual, it takes time, but research from the Universities of Oxford and Exeter demonstrates there are measurable benefits from practicing self-compassion. The benefits are both psychological: easing of depression, anxiety, increasing feelings of kindness and connection, as well as physical: feelings of reduced stress, relaxation and safety.

At the start, you’ll forget to “make it real”, because old habits take over. Be creative in finding ways to remember: put a post-it note where you can see it, or set your phone to buzz once an hour.

Here’s a fun tip:

team up with a friend in the 7-day challenge, so you can support each other 

Doing this meditation regularly is bound to increase your feeling of compassion for yourself.

Side effects of self-compassion:

More ease in your body

Ability to forgive yourself

Feeling happier

Less reactivity and anxiety

More caring connections in relationships

Enhanced resilience


Die Meditation “Sich der Liebe wert fühlen” ist in deutscher Sprache verfügbar

La meditación “Sentirse digno de amor” está disponible en español.

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Changing your feelings can change your life.


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Christine Longaker

Hospice and spiritual care pioneer and author of "Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying," Christine Longaker is writing a book on Self-Compassion, and developing trainings and an online course based on the book.


Pamela D Sharpe · February 28, 2019 at 6:34 am

My self esteem is a concern for me.

Kathleen · February 19, 2019 at 3:04 am

Are you collecting data for a study to publish? Is program outside of Facebook? Is communication all via email? where is comment posted?

    Christine Longaker · February 22, 2019 at 10:18 am

    No I am not collecting any data to publish, but I hope sometime in the future that would be possible. Yes, the 7-day Challenge is outside of Facebook – it’s offered via my website. Those in the Challenge can post their insights and questions to me here in the comments section, or by email. Clear instructions will be emailed to everyone signing up.

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