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If you change your feeling, it can change your life . . .

What’s the purpose of this “Feeling Worthy of Love” meditation? Many of us struggle with the feeling we don’t deserve love. We may feel as if we’re damaged, or bad, or believe that a past mistake has doomed us to being forever unworthy and unforgivable. Our heart, body and mind all play a part: we keep thinking that we’re unworthy, which becomes like an endless loop; this makes us feel we’re unworthy; resulting in the belief that we’re unworthy of love.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. We must always remember: our beliefs are not ultimately true; they are just entrenched thoughts and feelings that we’ve come to accept.

When they go unquestioned, we let these false and destructive beliefs

rule our emotions,

limit our potential,

ruin our health,

destroy our appreciation and joy, and

diminish our capacity for love and well-being.

          The bottom line is:

                        beliefs can be changed,

                                    and feeling worthy of love can be learned.

Our body is the messenger of compassion

Why? Because our mind is constantly communicating with our body. But are those mental messages kind and life-enriching, or negative and fearful? In this practice, we’re learning to communicate with our body with loving compassion. Sending loving feelings and thoughts into our body dismantles our old habits and beliefs and creates new neural pathways in our brain.

I used to feel that my mistakes and negative attitudes about myself were like prison walls that kept my heart, and my capacity for joy trapped in a dungeon. Feelings seem to be true, but in fact most of the time they are misleading us. The way out of the dungeon, I discovered, was to change my feelings. And it’s not so hard to do; however it does take dedicated and regular practice. That’s why I created this meditation called “Feeling Worthy of Love”.

In the “Worthy of Love” meditation, we generate a stream of messages that we are loved and okay, just as we are – together with a feeling of loving warmth which radiates from the earth into our whole being. We bring this sense of okayness with the warmth of loving compassion, into our body and heart and then let these loving thoughts and feelings flow into the billions of cells in our body. Doing this gradually does change our feeling and brings a deep confidence that we’re worthy of love and belonging.

By doing this meditation regularly, we dissolve the prison walls that had seemed so solid and permanent. And this allows us to reconnect with our true self, known as “essence love,” which is a fundamental knowing that we are okay, just as we are.

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Christine Longaker

Hospice and spiritual care pioneer and author of "Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying," Christine Longaker is writing a book on Self-Compassion, and developing trainings and an online course based on the book.


Christine Longaker · March 7, 2019 at 6:08 pm

Please let me know your experience of doing the meditation. Has anything shifted?

Mark Chiodo · February 16, 2019 at 12:33 am

Can use all the help I can get

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