Maybe you struggle with an inner critical voice that never lets up.

Maybe you’ve got a health condition that regularly takes you to the brink.

Or, perhaps there’s a situation at home or work that gets you down.

You might be avoiding the grief that comes from one or multiple losses in your life.

Or, there’s a sense you are unforgivable, or unworthy of love.

You’re not alone. Since I found myself feeling anguished on way too many levels in recent years, I realised that what was most needed was self-compassion.

As I gathered material on the subject, there were a lot of ‘aha’ moments in which I understood some aspect of my life, or my heart, and this helped me let go of old judgments and self-blame. Then I began trying out meditations which helped create a shift in the feelings in my body (and the brain’s neural pathways), so I naturally became gentler and more caring toward myself. Still, I make mistakes and fall into selfish or uncomfortable habits, but more often I catch myself smiling and putting down the weapons my inner critic was ready to unleash. Step by step, things are changing.

In the past four years, I’ve offered courses and retreats sharing these insights and skills for developing self-compassion, and the feedback has been heartfelt and positive. As a result, I’ve begun writing a book, and developing an online course based on the book.

Is self-compassion for you? Do you want to learn more, and begin the journey to free your heart from all the debris that seems to obscure it? Would you like to start practicing a meditation titled: “Feeling Worthy of Love”? Then please CLICK here, to receive this meditation as a free gift.

©2011 Christine Longaker

“We arrive at unexpected moments of grace, in which the pure unaltered love and freedom of our true nature are present. But then, this disappears, like the sun obscured by dark clouds. What do we do then?”   Christine Longaker

Christine Longaker

Hospice and spiritual care pioneer and author of "Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying," Christine Longaker is writing a book on Self-Compassion, and developing trainings and an online course based on the book.

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