Seminars on Self-Compassion, Burnout and Resilience

With unique applications of compassion, insight and mindfulness in this seminar, you can dismantle the sources of negative patterns and beliefs. You can create a new, empowered relationship with your “inner critic”. You learn strengths that help you handle and heal suffering, and exceptional guided meditations designed to help you change the way you feel about yourself and your body. You’re given practical skills for bringing the mindful presence of meditation into daily life. All of these become your stepping-stones to enhanced resilience, ease and joy.

  Topics include:

  • Clarifying the differences between empathy and compassion
  • A practical self-compassion method for on-the-spot relief
  • Methods for understanding and forgiving yourself
  • Four Strengths for healing and transforming suffering
  • Dismantling the barriers to self-compassion
  • Meeting and transforming your “inner critic”
  • Guidelines for Compassionate Listening
  • Meditations that create kindness and compassion for yourself and others

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Selbstmitgefühl: eine heldenhafte Reise zu Mut, Liebe und Verbundenheit 

Selbstmitgefühl ist die Alternative zur Selbstkritik. Selbstkritik führt zu Anspannung und Leid, Selbstmitgefühl hingegen führt zu Vertrauen, Wohlbefinden und aufrichtiger Verbundenheit. Und Selbstmitgefühl kann man lernen. Wir können lernen, für uns da zu sein wie ein guter Freund, der auf unsere Unvollkommenheiten mit Warmherzigkeit, Verständnis und Güte reagiert.

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2020 Events

15. – .16 Feb.    SüdTirol, Italy

Freude, Gelassenheit und Selbstvergebung: Entdecke die Kraft wahren Mitgefühls, um dein Leben leichter zu machen

“Joy, Ease and Self-Forgiveness: Discover the power of genuine compassion to lighten your life”

Gioia, serenità e perdono: scopri il potere della vera compassione per semplificarti la vita

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Email:    Tel: +39 335 636 80 97 

29. Feb.- 01.March   Munich

Freude, Gelassenheit und Selbstvergebung: Entdecke die Kraft wahren Mitgefühls, um dein Leben leichter zu machen

“Joy, Ease and Self-Forgiveness: Discover the power of genuine compassion to lighten your life” 

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Email: Tel. +49 (0) 89.810 39934

02. – 05. April    Resilience Training    Bodhicharya, Berlin

“Die befreiende Kraft des SelbstmitgefühlsStressbewältigung, Burnoutprävention und Resilienztraining”

The liberating power of self-compassion –
Coping with stress, preventing burnout and building resilience”

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24. – 26. April      Dzogchen Beara, Ireland

Self-Compassion: a Heroic Journey to Courage, Kindness and Connection”

Dzogchen Beara

Email:    Tel.  ‭+353 (027) 73 032‬

30 April – 3 May  Resilience Training     Spain

Del agotamiento a la alegría: herramientas de compasión y atención plena para la resiliencia y la alegría.

“From exhaustion to joy: tools of compassion and mindfulness for developing resilience and joy”

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Lugar : Instituto MAP  Paseo de la Zumaquera 35, bajo 01006 Vitoria Gasteiz
Alava  01006     Spain

Tel: +34 945 143 311


08.–09. August   Berlin 

Freude, Gelassenheit und Selbstvergebung: Entdecke die Kraft wahren Mitgefühls, um dein Leben leichter zu machen

Email:       Tel. +49 (0)30.23 25 50 10

 05.–08. November   Resilience Training  Berlin 

Die befreiende Kraft des Selbstmitgefühls –Stressbewältigung, Burnoutprävention und Resilienztraining  

Email:      Tel. +49 (0)30.23 25 50 10

NEW! Master Class

Many participants have requested to receive the complete course on self-compassion. To facilitate this, the seminar will be followed by a Master Class in Munich comprised of 3 days between April and June, including advanced topics and new meditations, open to anyone who has taken a weekend self-compassion seminar. Price is € 180. To enroll, write:

APRIL 11   You’re not stuck with your past: transforming adversity

  • Recognizing and eliminating the effects of shock on the mind, body and nervous system
  • Tools for building confidence in your true nature and bringing this clear presence into relating with others
  • The Heart Practice for Transforming Suffering
  • Connection and Love Meditation

MAY 16   Beyond forgiveness: the secret to healing or releasing relationships

  • The benefits of healing the past with understanding and forgiveness
  • The Unfinished Business Dialogue: a proven tool for healing relationships, past and present
  • Cultivating Compassion Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation

JUNE 27   Easing burnout and grief with wisdom and compassion

  • Recognizing the sources of burnout and the pitfalls of compassion
  • Identifying the qualities of genuine compassion
  • Easing grief with self-compassion
  • Integrating resilience skills into work and home life
  • Being Present in the Heart Meditation
  • Gratitude for Your Body Meditation


horses aspen

@2019 Photo and text Christine Longaker

“There’s the potential to directly apply this seminar in my work with activists on tough issues where they are emotionally impacted. Seeing others with understanding and without judgment is important for creating a supportive and safe environment for trainees in capacity-building programs. I will be bringing what I learned into my curriculum content. Overall, I found this retreat to be a profound spring clean, and I’m confident that I am able to continue with ease.”     – Lisa, NGO trainer


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