Self-Compassion as a Heroic Journey to Courage, Kindness and Connection

How do we treat our self in difficult situations, when something goes wrong, or after making a mistake? What’s the tone of our inner self-talk? Are we sympathetic, understanding, and kind? Or are we self-critical, constantly obsessing on our error?

Research shows that being self-critical is not conducive to success, health, or well-being. Self-criticism results in isolation, tension, and suffering, whereas self-compassion builds confidence, ease, and genuine connection.

And self-compassion can be learned.

We can learn to be a good friend to our self, acknowledging our imperfections with understanding, warmth, and acceptance. And, when we courageously open our heart toward our own suffering, our understanding and compassion for others naturally deepens.


Selbstmitgefühl: eine heldenhafte Reise zu Mut, Liebe und Verbundenheit 

Vertiefendes Training mit Christine Longaker

Selbstmitgefühl ist die Alternative zur Selbstkritik. Selbstkritik führt zu Anspannung und Leid, Selbstmitgefühl hingegen führt zu Vertrauen, Wohlbefinden und aufrichtiger Verbundenheit. Und Selbstmitgefühl kann man lernen. Wir können lernen, für uns da zu sein wie ein guter Freund, der auf unsere Unvollkommenheiten mit Warmherzigkeit, Verständnis und Güte reagiert.

LESEN SIE MEHR – längere Selbstmitgefühls-Trainings

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2019 Events – Filling up soon!!

9 – 13 October    Vertiefendes Training   Kressberg

Schloss Templehof

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2020 Events

31. Jan–02. Feb.       Weekend   Tibet Haus, Frankfurt

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1 – 5 April    Vertiefendes Training    Bodhicharya, Berlin


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23 – 26 April      3-day Training   Ireland

Dzogchen Beara

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30 April – 3 May   In-depth Training     Spain

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“The people I met on the course were fantastic and really gave me hope, which is something I had not felt before. I found the course content really apt and spot on. The environment felt warm and safe.”

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