From Adversity to Aliveness: the power of self-compassion to free your heart 

We live in difficult times, with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over every aspect of our lives. Besides this, we may have a history of adversity, disconnection, or unresolved wounds. We may suffer from low self-esteem, or believe we are unworthy of love and belonging. Often, we fall prey to habits that lead to harsh self-blame. Our days feel unsettled and sleep is elusive.

With unique applications of compassion, insight and mindfulness, it’s possible to dismantle the sources of negative patterns and false beliefs. In this seminar, you create a new, empowered relationship with your “inner critic”. You learn strengths that help you understand and heal suffering, and exceptional guided meditations designed to help you change the way you feel about yourself and your body. You’re given practical skills for bringing the mindful presence of meditation into communicating and every part of your daily life. You learn a way of listening with the heart that’s nourishing and healing. All of these become your stepping-stones to enhanced resilience, ease and joy.

NOW Available in North America and Europe!

Dates for the online seminar

Each of the sessions is 9.30am-11/ 11.30am Pacific time; 12.30pm – 2/2.30pm Eastern; 6.30pm – 8/8.30pm CET.

June 20th, July 4th, July 18th, August 1st, August 15th, August 29th

What’s the price?

Because many have financial challenges at this time, you can donate what you are able, all at once or on a monthly basis if that’s easier.

How do I register?

To register, write:

You don’t have to forgive: the secret to healing or releasing relationships – June 27th

Du musst nicht verzeihen: das Geheimnis der Heilung oder Lösung von Beziehungen

English with German translation. Register:


Emptiness is an infinite flow of kindness: Meditations that free the mind and open the heart  

July 17 – 19th

From the point of view of our ordinary mind, compassion is confusing and emptiness is scary. And yet we can’t run away, as these are the very heart of the teachings. The Tibetan Yogi Shabkar says:

“Unfold the delicate wings of your warm heart in the sky of emptiness.”

In this retreat, we get a clear understanding of the crucial differences between empathy and genuine compassion taught in Buddhism, and we explore the “pitfalls of compassion”.

We gain insight into the origins of our own painful experiences and experience the real benefit of having true compassion for ourselves. This makes us naturally kinder, as we see clearly that everyone is in the same boat. In guided meditations, the natural connection between awareness and warm-hearted compassion becomes palpable, and we can experience what Buddha described as an “unshakable freedom of heart.”

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Die Leerheit ist der Strom unendlichen Mitgefühls 

-Meditationen zum Erleben wahrhaften Mitgefühls, die den Geist befreien und das Herz öffnen 

In der Beschäftigung mit dem Buddhismus kann für unseren gewöhnlichen Geist das viel zitierte Mitgefühl durchaus befremdlich wirken und der Begriff Leerheit einschüchternd.

Da sie aber das Herz aller Belehrungen darstellen, können wir ihnen nicht entfliehen. Der tibetische Yogi Shabkar sagt:

Entfalte die zarten Flügel deines warmen Herzes im Himmelsraum der Leerheit. 

Dieses Retreat mit Christine Longaker vermittelt ein praktisches Verständnis von den entscheiden Unterschieden zwischen Empathie und dem, was im Buddhismus als Mitgefühl bezeichnet wird. Auch die Fallen falsch verstandenen Mitgefühls werden klar aufgezeigt.

Wir gewinnen Erkenntnisse über die Ursprünge unserer eigenen leidvollen Erfahrungen und erleben den großen Nutzen wahren Mitgefühls mit uns selbst. Daraus entsteht ganz natürlich eine zugewandt freundliche Haltung anderen gegenüber, weil wir begreifen, dass wir alle im selben Boot sitzen.

In angeleiteten Meditationen wird die natürliche Verbindung von Gewahrsein und warmherzigem Mitgefühl spürbar, und wir können das erleben, was Buddha selbst ‚Die Unerschütterliche Freiheit Des Herzens‘ nennt.

Das Retreat findet über Zoom statt. Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung.

Kurszeiten: 17.07.: 19-21 / 18.07.: 9:30-13, 14:30-17   / 19.07.: 9:30-13

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Free Guided Meditations each Sunday

Online via Zoom. 8pm CET, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.

For Zoom invitation, write:

Enjoy the Meditation: “Feeling Worthy of Love”


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“There’s the potential to directly apply this seminar in my work with activists on tough issues where they are emotionally impacted. Seeing others with understanding and without judgment is important for creating a supportive and safe environment for trainees in capacity-building programs. I will be bringing what I learned into my curriculum content. Overall, I found this retreat to be a profound spring clean, and I’m confident that I am able to continue with ease.”     – Lisa, NGO trainer


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