From Stress to Well-Being-
In anxious times, discover the astonishing power of self-compassion 

We live in uncertain times, where every aspect of our lives is affected by change –relationships, work, health, and our plans for the future. In the past we often pushed down the pain of loss or personal crises. Yet it’s no longer possible to “go it alone”. Now, more than ever, we need tools, contemplative resources and heart-to-heart connections with others to support us.

Christine Longaker, international palliative care educator and author of the bestseller “Facing Death and Finding Hope”, is one of the world’s most effective trainers for stress management and building resilience. The precious tools, insights and compassion meditations in this seminar are relevant to everyone during these unsettled times.

Your stress levels diminish when you nourish yourself with compassion and loving kindness. Insight into the origins of old patterns brings a deeper understanding and compassion for yourself – a sense of “breathing space”. And, you’re given tools for bringing the presence of meditation into your heart and daily life, re-connecting you with confidence and your innate clarity, ease and joy.

The seminar is a gentle blend of healing meditations, presentations that bring understanding and kindness for yourself, and opportunities for genuine heart-to-heart connection with others.

Topics include:

  •         Understand the crucial differences between empathy and compassion
    ●      Practical on-the-spot “emergency method” of self-compassion
    ●      Transform your relationship with the “inner critic”
    ●      Research demonstrating how meditation and love build resilience
    ●      Strengths that help you face and heal suffering
    ●      Key insights that enable you to forgive yourself
    ●      Alleviate and prevent burnout by developing habits of well-being