The liberating power of self-compassion Reducing stress, preventing burnout and building resilience


We live in uncertain times, aware that every aspect of our lives is affected by change –our relationships, work, family life and plans. In our culture we’re encouraged to simply push though insecurities such as loss or illness, enormous professional challenges, or other personal crises. If we work in a medical field, we’re used to shutting off our sense of connection with patients for fear we’ll be overwhelmed or burned out. Yet we find that we’ve shut down to all that’s enjoyable in life.

When drastic events occur, our strategy of ignoring or pushing through usually fails. We can start feeling depressed or lethargic, incapable of clarity or confidence. Increasingly afraid of failing, we feel a helpless victim of circumstances. Our inner critic takes over, and any chance for peace or well-being disappears.

Christine Longaker, author of the bestseller “Facing Death and Finding Hope”, international palliative care educator, and pioneer of the hospice movement, is one of the world’s most effective trainers for stress management, burnout prevention and building resilience. Her methods are especially tailored for medical professionals and all those who face the great challenges of caring for patients and their relatives.

This seminar imparts insights and practical skills that allow you to be present with others even in highly complex situations without getting overwhelmed. Your stress levels diminish when you learn to nourish yourself through mindfulness and the guided meditations. You’re given tools for bringing the presence of meditation into your work and daily life, which re-connects you with your own sources of strength, clarity, ease and joy.

Topics for 2-day seminar:

  • Empathy and compassion: the crucial differences
  • Identifying the principal sources of burnout
  • Practical “emergency method” of self-compassion in acute crises
  • Preventing burnout: Identifying the pitfalls of compassion
  • Insights for understanding your life and releasing guilt
  • Four Strengths for healing and transforming inner suffering
  • Transforming your “inner critic”
  • Building resilience – Research on the practice of loving-kindness
  • Group training in Compassionate Listening
  • Meditations that promote a healthy sense of connection and compassion for yourself and others

My patients sense my openness and that I have more to offer them than just medicine for pain relief. I now clearly understand the difference between empathy and compassion, so I can enter palliative care work feeling much safer and without worrying about getting burned out. Even though before the course I had no experience with meditation, I now regularly do guided meditations, and look forward to this time of rest every night. It gives me space and support in every area of my life.                  – Uli Kewer, MD

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