Authentic Connection: Spiritual support sessions, online with Christine Longaker

Spiritual support for what you’re needing which may include:

  • Living with chronic illness
  • Easing the grief of loss
  • Support for healing relationships, or approaching forgiveness
  • Preparing for death – emotionally, practically, and spiritually
  • Support in caring for others
  • Resilience tools that alleviate stress and prevent burnout
  • Guided meditations that effectively change your feelings, including: feeling worthy of love, compassion for your body, developing kindness, forgiveness, healing, and self-compassion
  • Insights and tools:
    • Keys for well-being: how to integrate meditation and “make it real” in daily life
    • Transforming your inner critic
    • On-the-spot method of self-compassion
    • Understanding and transforming suffering
    • Authentic listening and communication
    • Cultivating appreciation and gratefulness
    • Re-connecting with your true nature: essence love
    • Understanding grief and the process of bereavement
    • Identifying and responding to spiritual pain
    • Resolving emotional unfinished business

Depending your stated needs and wishes, we can craft a series of spiritual support sessions to either: help you gain resources to build well-being and resilience; develop a transformational path of meditation and self-compassion; or support you during a difficult period.

The heart of it all

I believe we have a core – essence love, which is free, open, clear and loving – a sense of natural ease and well-being. Essence love is knowing “I am okay, no matter what.”  Our problems came when we got disconnected from our essence, and then developed habitual patterns that block our sense of well-being.

My aim is offer insights, meditations and tools to help you identify the barriers – the source of disconnect – so you can come home to the essence love you were born with – your true self. By re-connecting with your heart, you are able to genuinely connect with others, and with life.

About me

Following the publication of my book, Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying by Doubleday, I trained medical care professionals for 35 years in mindfulness, compassion, and contemplative end-of-life care. I’m a pioneer in the hospice movement, and my trainings inspired the founding of four hospices and two spiritual care centers.

Since 1980, I’ve practiced meditation, insight, and guided contemplations; and I spent five years in personal retreat. I’ve had three decades’ experience living with pain and chronic illness, and survived the death of two partners. Eight years ago, following a series of life-shattering events, I researched and crafted a journey that resulted in my actually (finally!) feeling genuine compassion for myself. This journey of re-connecting to my true essence has given me more understanding and genuine compassion for everyone in the whole human tapestry.

How to start?

Write me to schedule a free 20-minute online introductory spiritual support session where we can get to know each other and see if it’s a good match. After that, for best results, you might elect to have 4 – 8 sessions, weekly or bi-monthly. Get in touch using my email:


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One-on-one sessions – 1 hour: sliding scale $140 (or €140) – $110  (€110)

After our first 20-minute talk, if you decide to go forward, spiritual support sessions would be paid 2 days in advance. Payment options are listed below.  NOTE: If you cancel less than 48 hours before a scheduled appointment, a refund won’t be possible.

2-hour small group sessions $65 per person.


“Authentic connection” means we communicate and listen from a place of presence and natural kindness. I can offer support based on what I’ve learned and researched after 40 years of meditation training, and hospice and palliative care trainings. If we work together, I will send you a disclaimer in which I’ll ask you to confirm your understanding that I am not a licensed therapist, and do not offer counseling or mental health services.

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