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Feeling Worthy of Love – main meditation

Feeling Worthy of Love – introduction

Die Meditation Sich der Liebe wert fühlen ist in deutscher Sprache verfügbar

Sich der Liebe wert fühlenMain Meditation

Sich der Liebe wert fühlenIntroduction

La meditación ““Sentirse digno de amor” está disponible en español.

“Sentirse digno de amor”Main Meditation

“Sentirse digno de amor”Introduction

Two free chapters from my first book, Facing Death and Finding Hope:

Chapter 3: The Needs of the Dying, in their own voice

How can we know what a dying person really needs?

It’s so hard to see life from his or her perspective – or is it?

This chapter was written in a unique voice – that of someone approaching death. Hospice staff, family members and even those seriously ill have resonated with these words. And most importantly, it’s helped them tune into what’s really going on behind all that lies in the silence between them. I hope there’s a useful treasure within it for you or a person you love.

Chapter 11: Healing Bereavement

Over the years, I heard from grateful readers who told me that of all the books they bought to help them understand and heal their grief, they found chapters 11 and 12 in my book, on healing grief and the spiritual dimension of grief, to be the most helpful for them. I am happy to offer Chapter 11 for you as my gift.

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©2018 Christine Longaker

“Here’s the most important thing: I want you to see me as a whole person, not as a disease, or a tragedy, or a fragile piece of glass.  Do not look at me with pity but rather with all of your love and compassion.  Even though I am facing death, I am still living.” 

—from The Needs of the Dying, by Christine Longaker  

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