Guided Meditations for you

In this crisis of Covid-19 affecting all of humanity, you may find these spiritual care resources and the meditations helpful for healing for yourself and others. They are also a very powerful form of spiritual support for people facing serious illness and at the time of death.

You can read more about Essential Phowa here.

Please download TWO files: the introduction and the meditation

ENGLISH Meditations

Essential Phowa for Oneself INTRODUCTION

Essential Phowa for Oneself  Meditation

Essential Phowa for Another INTRODUCTION

Essential Phowa for Another Meditation


Heart Practice Meditation

Sacre Coeur radiant heart



This photo was taken in the Sacre Coeur Cathedral

in Paris, 1988.      

©1988. Christine Longaker




rainbow body BuddhaRainbow body Buddha, from a Tibetan painting







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DEUTSCH  Meditations

Grundlegende Powa Praxis für uns selbst INTRO

Grundlegende Powa Praxis für uns selbst

Grundlegende Powa Praxis Für Andere INTRO

Grundlegende Powa Praxis Für Andere

Die Herz-Praxis INTRO

Die Herz-Praxis

Français Meditations

Introduction le powa essentiel pour soi-même

Le powa essentiel pour soi-même

Introduction le powa essentiel pour autrui

Le powa essentiel pour autrui

Pratique du coeur – Introduction

Pratique du coeur

Italian Meditations

Phowa essenziale per se stessi, un’introduzione

Phowa essenziale per se stessi

Phowa essenziale per altre persone, un’introduzione

Phowa essenziale per altre persone

Pratica del cuore, un’introduzione

Pratica del cuore

Spanish Meditations 

Phowa esencial para uno mismo – introduccion

Phowa esencial para uno mismo – meditacion

Phowa esencial para otro – introduccion

Phowa esencial para otro – meditacion

Practica de corazon – introduccion

Practica de corazon – meditacion

Chinese Meditations 

Essential Phowa for Oneself, Introduction

自修頗瓦法 簡介

Essential Phowa for Oneself

自修頗瓦法 – 禪修引導

Essential Phowa for Others, introduction


Essential Phowa for Others


The Heart Practice, Introduction

  核心的修持 – 簡介

The Heart Practice




Books on living and dying, easing grief, and caregiving


FACING DEATH AND FINDING HOPE has been used as an essential handbook for those facing life-threatening illness, their families, and medical professionals working in hospice and palliative care throughout the world. 

Those experiencing the loss of a loved one have found understanding, solace, and and valuable insights and methods for healing their grief.



I’m offering the best two chapters from Facing Death and Finding Hope: The Needs of the Dying, and Understanding Grief.

Free download 2 chapters English!

Free download 2 chapters Deutsch


Link to buy the print or e-book: “Facing Death and Finding Hope” (English, USA)

Link to buy the Deutsch print or ebook: Dem Tod Begegnen und Hoffnung Finden

Link to buy the Nederlands print or ebook: Het Licht van Afschied.

Pour acheter l’édition française: Trouver l’espoir face à la mort

Espanol print and e-book book coming soon!

Endorsements of Christine’s book and trainings by palliative care leaders.


Below are a few spiritual care resources I highly recommend

Present to the End

by Kirsten DeLeo

Effective and simple spiritual guidance for how to support a loved one from the time of diagnosis until the moment of death. Highly recommended.

The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death can Teach Us About Living Fully

by Frank Ostaseski

Frank has spent decades by the side of those facing death at the Zen Hospice in San Francisco – both giving and receiving support and love. He wisely shows us how to live with meaning and grace in the light of our own mortality.

The Arts of Contemplative Care: Pioneering Voices in Buddhist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work

by Cheryl Giles and Willa Miller

Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of death

by Joan Halifax

The Art of Being a Healing Presence: A Guide for those in Caring Relationships

by Susan Cutshall and James Miller

The Four Things That Matter Most

by Ira Byock, MD

No Time to Say Good-bye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One

by Carla Fine

One of the most informative and supportive books for those who have survived a suicide and a sudden death, written by a survivor herself.

From Georgetown University Nursing School: discussing with loved ones their values and preferences for end-of-life care decisions – a wonderful guide for asking the right questions:

Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and Family


sunrise Dzogchen Beara

©1997. Christine Longaker