The forthcoming book and online course are a treasury of clear insights and practical know-how for understanding ingrained patterns of self-criticism and judgments. Rich with guided meditations that support inner healing, they are designed to help you live with more ease, connection, and joy.
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Christine Longaker teaching


Christine shares reflections, inspiring insights, and methods for inner healing, so that together we can clear the debris in our hearts and come back to the essence love we were born with. The first online course will begin soon. Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated.
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2 Free Chapters!

2 Free Chapters!

The best chapters from Facing Death and Finding Hope are yours to keep. Click here to gain access to your free download, in English or Deutsch.

Christine Longaker

Christine Longaker

Hospice and spiritual care pioneer and author of Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying, Christine Longaker is writing a book titled Self-Compassion: A Heroic Journey, and developing an online course and training based on the book.
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What’s the vision of self-compassion?

Healing and transformation are possible.

Our self-critical patterns come from being disconnected from essence love, the basic sense of okayness we were born with.

By deepening our understanding, and gently re-connecting with our heart, we develop genuine compassion for ourselves.

Self-compassion is not indulgence.

Why? Because everything is interconnected.

This journey of inner healing frees our heart to really understand and love others fearlessly.

Self-compassion is good for the planet.

By cultivating self-compassion, we’re creating widening circles of healing and kindness in the world.   

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  In the coming months,

an online self-compassion course, excerpts from the book Facing Death and Finding Hope, inspirational posts and new guided meditations are going to be available on this site. Be the first to be informed of exclusive offers.

And, a free guided meditation is yours to keep: Making Friends with Your Difficult Aspects. Request it here!


“Self-compassion is hearing your own cry in the dark

and beginning the journey to free your heart.

Why not give yourself a year to heal?

Is there anything better you can do with your wild and precious life?”

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